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Out Now!

My debut novel The Golden Feather is now available to buy! Published by Blossom Spring Publishing. The cover design is by the talented Edinburgh-based illustrator, Nick Dalley.


When your dream of becoming a Golden Eagle for a day becomes a reality, would you take the journey to discover your true self?

Alexandra has recently moved to Scotland and desperately wishes she had her old life back.  She is twelve years old with no friends, a creepy next-door neighbour and now she’s made enemies with the notorious school bullies. The only positive thing since moving is that she’s closer to her dream of spotting a real-life golden eagle.

Her journey leads her to a magical animal kingdom, led by a golden eagle named Solas. When the human world collides with theirs, Alexandra risks everything to save a life. A golden feather leads to a wish fulfilled, but when her wish-granter is killed, she is left with a dilemma. How will she get back to her human form? Does she even want to?

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