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Golden Eagle news!

A good news story about the increase in Golden Eagle numbers in southern Scotland!

As of March 2022, "the total number of golden eagles in the south of Scotland is around 33 – the highest number recorded here in the last three centuries." says NatureScot.

This is certainly good news for the main character of my novel, Alexandria, who has moved to Strathblane near the Campsie Fells in Scotland, eager to see a real Golden Eagle with her own eyes. Dreams really do come true!

Check out the South of Scotland Golden Eagle project for news about this amazing initiative and how you can help. For any children who love eagles and crafts, they have a brilliant activity pack to download here.

Golden Eagles are iconic to Scotland and one of our predators at the top of the food chain. Rather than being a danger to livestock, it is now known that predators at the top of the food chain create biodiversity and improve the ecology of the area (known as 'trophic cascade' in scientific terms!). We must do all we can to protect these beautiful and necessary birds.

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