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Coming from the Isle of Skye, I've seen a few Golden Eagles in my time. As a child, my pet guinea pig even got snatched by an eagle from our family garden one day for a tasty snack. I was heartbroken to lose Ginger, but by God, what a way to go!

What is it about Golden Eagles that fascinates me?

They are known as the kings of the air, and I believe their majestic presence is most prominent when they are in flight. There is nothing more glorious than spotting an eagle gliding in the air currents, their giant wings outstretched, completely at ease with their ability to fly. Something only a human can imagine. In my novel, The Golden Feather, the main protagonist, Alexandra, does just this when she wants to escape the problems in her life. She dreams of flying like an eagle, with the sky so pure and expansive from down below on earth. She would be able to go anywhere in peace and freedom.

Do you have a favourite animal? Would you like to spend the day as that animal to see what it is really like?

Find out what happens to Alexandra when her wish comes true!

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