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My children love to collect feathers, sea glass, pebbles and shells and we have collections all over the house and garden. For thousands of years people have collected these pretty items from nature, making jewellery, ornaments and even shell grottos, such as at Newhailes House in Edinburgh.

Shell lady

There are ethical considerations when collecting items, such as shells, from the beach nowadays and my philosophy is to not take anything from a living animal, or take too much, or even better take a photograph instead. I think it's natural for children to have curiosity about the world around us, and be attracted to pretty things. So, as long as no harm is done, it can be a great way for children to connect with nature. My children and I love creating 'beach art' with our findings. We take a photo and then leave it on the beach for others to enjoy!

I'd love to know what you like to collect and why?

Comment below!

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